Terms of Agreement

Agreement for using hosting service between Billing Panel ("us", "we", or "our") operates the https://billing.domns.com website (the "Service", "supplier", "us", "We") and user ("user", "You").

1.Terms of payment

You agree to pay all checks monthly and in terms fixed for the payment. If you pay for your service with credit card, the payment can be automatically deducted from your card on the first day of payment period. If data of your credit card was up-dated, you should notify us about the changes so we could change this information. If your credit card was rejected on the payment day, your account can be suspended and we keep in touch with you via e-mail to notify you about arisen problem.

We accept Visa and MasterCard (excepting debit card Visa Electron and Cirrus Maestro ).
We use different methods to prevent credit cards swindling. It includes tracing through IP-address and also conformity of the card owner's data to the data of person who uses it. Any effort to pay with the swindling card would bring account to deleting with out notification. We are very serious about credit cards swindling and we'll cooperate with the power people informing them about such cases, including information about domain's owner who uses invalid or stolen credit card. If you receive extraction from your credit card with the name of our company Service, and you didn't order our service, please connect with us instantly.

If you choose way of payment which is different from credit card, you are obliged to pay check no later than 5 days since the beginning of the payment period. All the prices are given in AMERICAN Dollars (USD).

In a case of payment delay more than for 5 days, your site would be shut-off. Cost of site restart
in this case is $ 25.

The Payment with the invalid or canceled by bank check is subjected to $ 20 fine.

2. Use of hosting service

You agree to keep your site in accordance with the common norms and laws and not to keep activity which involves detriment for the visitors of Service, or different users of our server.

You agree not to keep any activities which could be qualified as active or passive spam, including placing of spam-materials in the conference, forums, massive sending of any forms of nonrequested materials. Spamming of any kind can lead to the cancel of your site.

You agree, that Service provides you with multi users system.

You agree that software, installed on your site should not be a reason for the server overload or create more than 10% of general server load. Load of big volume (e.g. video, audio materials and massive sending of mail, etc.) could be a reason for such an overload.

3. Legal savings

Service exerts every possible effort to provide trouble free work of equipment and software.
However you agree that Service is not responsible for the possible damage, arisen as result of failure connection
involved turning of your server into Off-Line condition or any other technical breakdown. This denial of responsibilities
includes damage of server accessibility, breach or collapse of your data and, lost profit.

4. Service Termination Terms of Agreement:

This agreement is valid within one month since the day of it's signing and until another agreement would be negotiated between us and you. This agreement is renewed automatically after the term expiration for the equivalent term if another term was not agreed or you wasn't discontinue to use our service.

Notification about discontinue of use of our service should be made in special form before the 25-th. day of current month.
Be sure to copy all data from your site before delete it. As soon as we delete your account from your site all data would be completely lost for you.

You have rights to discontinue use our service and inquiry to get money back within 15 days since the day of opening account. If you discontinue use our service within this term, your money would be given back to you at the rate of your monthly payment.

Service reserves the right to break running agreement and delete your site instantly in a case if:

a. If you pay not in time for your account

b. You break any of the article or conditions of this agreement and any other laws of USA or Switzerland.

c. You place on your site marerials which are brought to any trial;

d. You place out law materials or links to such sites:
• piratical software
• hacker's archives and programs
• warez sites
• adult or porno sites
• not underlizenced music (MP3 files)

e. The contact information about site owners is not truthful

f. You deal with the spam.

Service is not responsible for the security of your data, placed on your server in a case of site delete for the reasons mentioned above.

5. Sides Responsibilities

You agree to compensate all expenses, including reasonable legal costs and safety costs of your site.

Nothing contented in this agreement doesn't create any relationship or any kind of partnership or enterprise between Service and users. Both sides are agreed and confirm that Service doesn't have any relations with data or the site content of user, excluding actions needed for site support.

6. Security / Software

You agree and you confirm that you are completely responsible for all the material placed on your server and it's security
and for safety and security of your login and password.

You agree without any effort to crack or to make another detriment to Service's property or users.

You agree and confirm that Service would not provide you with the technical support for any kind of software and /or
scripts which you are installed .

You agree and confirm that Service would not provide technical support for Microsoft FrontPage.

7. Site content:

Service believes in the freedom of speech.

All our service can be used only for the legal purposes. Until materials you use on your site are not against any Federal,
State or local laws they can be placed on your site. Transmission, saving and opening up any kind of information, data or materials with the breach of Federal, State or local law is forbidden. It includes, but not limits materials which protected with the author rights, and material which contens threats vulgarity.

Since physically server is situated on the territory of USA, you confirm and agree not to place on your site materials which breach US Laws.

You agree and confirm that you are completely responsible for any materials you place on your site.

However Service would never sell your personal info. Service would completely cooperate with all legal contemporary researchers if user is under suspicion of breach of Federal, State or local Laws.

Service reserves the right to up-date this rules at any moment up to his opinion.


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